Piercings for Ears Only

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Ear Piercing

Serendipity provides ear piercing in a relaxing atmosphere with pleasant music and aromas to calm even the most nervous piercing client. With many years of piercing experience, Dave provides professional piercing services that are well known and respected in this area. We carry a large selection of top of the line piercing jewelry that can be worn and enjoyed beyond the initial healing time frame.  There are over 56 pierced earring styles to choose from.   Much care goes into being sure the client understandstheimportant proper aftercare which helps ensure healthy healing of the pierced area.


Ear Piercing for Children


There are so many questions when it comes to ear piercing for children. I hope we can answer some questions and dispel some of the the myths and fears about ear piercing.

Will it hurt?

A little, but not that much. Piercings should never be compared to anything like a bee sting or a shot. This only instills fear in the child. The pain should be compared to a little pinch that goes away quickly. It will just feel a warm and tender afterward. It can be a tremendous help to play down the pain factor.

Are piercing guns safe?

I prefer to call it a tool, but yes, the modern “push” type, disposable piercing systems are safe. Used properly they are gentle to the tissue, less painful and don’t make that unpleasant snap noise. Beware of places that still use the old fashion unsanitary “snap” gun, those are NOT SAFE.

Is it safe to pierce a babies ears?

Yes and there are smaller earrings just for babies. It is recommended the infant be at least 10 weeks old and have their first set of immunisation shots. Accurate placement is more difficult with infants because their ears are so small. At this point we cannot emphasize enough the importance of finding an experienced piercer. Do your research. You don't want the newly hired sales clerk at the mall that just watched a video last week, piercing you, let alone your precious little bundle, trust me.

When can the piercing studs be changed to new jewelry?

Something that is not widely known is that it takes a full SIX months for ear lobes to heal completely. A piercing actually heals from the outside in. The piercing studs should never be removed for any reason for a minimum of 6 weeks. With children I strongly recommend the piercing studs stay in for a full 6 months 24/7 to allow for optimum healing.


Tips for a Happy Piercing Experience

Don’t be in a hurry.

This is a special occasion, plan ahead. Your piercer may not be there the day you are planing. Call ahead, make an appointment so there is no disappointments.

Play down the pain factor,

It really is “ just a little pinch”. If the child is feeling anxious it can be helpful to go in and meet the piercer and see where it done ahead of time. This can help to eliminate some of their anxieties and fears of the unknown.

Don't turn the jewelry!

This is the most misunderstood aspect of ear piercing. The jewelry will not get stuck. We just created a wound, touching and turning causes irritation and sets up a chance for infection. Any other wound on your body you would protect, not irritate. Ears are the same.

Don’t use alcohol.

Alcohol, Peroxide, ointments or so-called piercing after-care solutions are unnecessary and can damage tissue and hinder the healing process. A saline rinse of ¼ tsp. sea salt in a cup of water is much more soothing, healing and organic. Soak the piercing in the warm solution or flood it on once a day for six weeks. Rinse. Happy Healing!