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Africa Unplugged: Trio Da Kali
8:00 PM20:00

Africa Unplugged: Trio Da Kali

The Center for the Arts presents
Sunday, November 6, 2016, 8:00 PM
$20 Members, $22 General Public
(Ticket price includes $2 facility fee.  Does not include applicable fee for online purchases.)

TRIO DA KALI is a group of outstanding musicians form the Mande culture of Southern Mali who come from a long line of distinguished griots (hereditary musicians) formed of voice, Ngoni and Balafon.  The trio aim to bring a contemporary twist to ancient and neglecting repertoires.  To coincide with their UK Making Tracks Tour World Circuit release, their debut EP, which is out now on CD (available exclusively via the World Circuit shop and on tour) and download.

Hawa Kasse Mady Diabate, daughter of legendary Kasse Mady Diabate, is the singer of the Trio, and has one of the finest griot voices in Mali, and has been compared by some to Mahalia Jackson (America’s great gospel singer). The most distinctive feature of the Trio is the balafon, and Lassana Diabate, formerly of Afrocubism and Toumani Diabate’s Symmetric Orchestra, is one of Mali’s most astonishing players. Its cascading lines, rippling and percussive riffs, and buzzing gourd resonators, are a familiar element in many Malian ensembles, but here for the first time the balafon is the lead instrument.  The youngest member of the trio is bass ngoni player Mamadou Kouyate – the eldest son of world-renowned Bassekou Kouyate. Still in his early 20s, he is one of Mali’s most creative musicians of the new generation.

Trio Da Kali only came into being in late 2012, but already they have performed at a BBC Prom, the Theatre de la Ville in Paris, and at the London Jazz Festival. They were formed specifically to develop a project with The Kronos Quartet; David Harrington (of Kronos) describing it as ‘one of the most beautiful collaborations Kronos has had in our first 40 years’.

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Simrit – Songs of Resilience
7:30 PM19:30

Simrit – Songs of Resilience

with Shannon Hayden opening
Saturday, October 29, 7:30PM
Section A $35 advance / $45 door
Section B $20 advance / $30 door

“For Simrit, singing is not a performance, it is a sacred worship of the Divine. Her voice, her music, and her teaching, reflect this devotion which seems to come from her so effortlessly. This devotion is a gift, a talent beyond any, that will lead thousands into the lightness of being and awareness that is so vital to humanity in this day and age.”  – Snatam Kaur

“First of all, I’m such a fan of Simrit. The first time I saw her live I thought – wow she’s kind of punk rock. I don’t know why I thought that, but that’s the element that drew me to exploring her music. Her sense of melody, her energy and musicality set her apart. Simrit, to me, is the voice of this new day and age.” – Belinda Carlisle

Syllables of Change: Simrit Brings Musical Innovation and Personal Devotion to One of the World’s Oldest Poetic Lineages

Some performers can bring true commitment to age-old meditations, urging everyone from pop stars to club audiences to fall in love with the words of South Asian sages. Some artists have a presence that engages and soothes, an ear that can hear the resonances that bridge continents and souls.

Vocalist and songwriter Simrit, born in Athens, Greece, adopted and raised in the American South, is one of these artists. Drawing on the harmonic beauty of the Greek Orthodox chants she grew up with, adding the pulse and melodic sensibilities of West African traditions she studied intensely, Simrit and her ensemble tease out distinct facets of devotional poetry and the intimate ardors of the spirit on Songs of Resilience (release: September 30, 2016).

Working with an elegant, expressive musical palette–rich cello, exquisite kora, rolling percussion–and with veteran rock and Americana producer Paul Mahern (Willie Nelson, Iggy Pop, Lily & Madeleine, John Mellencamp), Simrit reveals new sides to ancient gems, encouraging listeners to find grounding endurance, hope, and transformation. “Our songs are about the soul, about all its experiences of love, pain, and joy,” says Simrit. “These are all things that people on this planet deal with each and every day.”

Featuring Salif Bamakora or kora, Tripp Dudley on percussion, Shannon Hayden on cello & guitar, and Jared May on bass guitar.

Simrit and ensemble will perform across the US and Canada in October 2016. She will be in Grass Valley with her band performing at The Center For The Arts on Saturday, Oct.29!


Her sound is hailed world-wide as haunting, hypnotic, healing and majestic, and it has topped World Music Charts including iTunes at #1 and Billboard Music at #3. Her voice communicates with so much humanity. Simrit was born into a lineage of beloved Greek women singers, going all the way through her great-grandmother. Simrit was born in Athens, Greece to a 17 year old singer who wasn’t able to take care of children at that time in her life. When she was just over a year old, she was adopted into the United States and raised in South Carolina by another Greek family.

She was steeped and studied in the mystical Byzantine music of Greece from a very young age, and she was also influenced by the classical and folk music of Greece. She also grew up expanded by the swirling sounds of Nana Mouskouri, Glykeria, Singh Kaur, Led Zeppelin, Mazzy Star, The Grateful Dead, Bob Marley, Jeff Buckley, Loreena McKennitt, the devotional music of India and Africa, and many others.

As a child Simrit was joined and raised with a brother with special needs who was also adopted from a different family in Greece. With her unique upbringing with no one in her family that was blood related, Simrit learned at an early age that connection is incredibly deep and profound through the heart and soul of sound. Her voice has been what she has always experienced as her true connection to herself and others. Her energy and music have a way of deeply touching people, understanding them, and bringing them with her into the unapologetic realm of the soul.

Simrit is an independent artist who runs her own record label, Simrit Kaur Music. She is a Renaissance woman who is known for her revolutionary innovation in mantra and world music and her undeniable ability to transmit a potent level of humanity, healing and pure love through her sound.

“The Revolution is the courage to be who we really are…to speak our truth in the midst of fear…to be authentic, no matter what people may think or say. It is the strength to walk alone knowing we are not alone, and it is the strength to walk together into the unknown” – Simrit

As listeners describe her music as otherworldly, Simrit is known for her profound relationship with melody and rhythm, and she continues to inspire an authentic and fresh experience through her albums and her live concerts. By simply existing within her natural relationship to music, she enchants the listener into a world of wonder and mystery. Simrit’s music brings the depth of the sacred and ancient to the modern, and her timeless sound deeply weaves the listener into what many have described as an altered state of consciousness while simultaneously bringing them into the depths of their own healing and humanity.

Simrit is a student, practitioner and teacher of Kundalini and Naad Yoga (the sciences of sound and consciousness). Her yoga of the voice and sound course, ‘The Supreme Sound’, has been highly acclaimed worldwide. She records, composes and produces music, and tours with her band giving concerts and workshops across the globe.


Ground breaking cellist, Shannon Hayden, began playing cello at the age of 7 and over the next several years she studied and competed both nationally and internationally. Her playing attracted the attention of acclaimed cellists Janos Starker and Aldo Parisot, who invited her to enroll in the Yale School of Music at 18 to begin graduate studies. While there she concentrated primarily on 20th century music and had the opportunity to work with contemporary composers Ezra Laderman and David Lang. Interest in furthering the range and the future role of her instrument continued and even eclipsed her interest in traditional cello works. Reluctant to accept offers from recognized and established groups after graduation Shannon released her second album, Solid State Cello, combining both classical and pop elements.

Shannon Hayden’s third album, to be released in 2015, walks a thin line between avant experimental and more accessible themes. Her sound has been described as an emotionally charged journey through surreal, sonic landscapes. She performs her own compositions around the world while also providing multi-instrumental work for the Asthmatic Kitty Records artist Lily and Madeleine.

“Doing what is expected isn’t something everyone does well. Following years of classical training at the highest level, Shannon Hayden’s very non traditional interpretation of cello performance is an example of why that is a good thing. Running her instrument through more electronic gear and amplification than some metal band with a stolen credit card probably wasn’t something anyone back at the conservatory had in mind, though it really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise these days. Art has always found ways to embrace technology without becoming a slave to it and Shannon’s compositions owe as much to her brilliant mastery of the cello itself as they do to the latest technical innovations which greatly expand the range and complexity of the instrument. Occasional heavy outbursts of distortion with elements bordering noise punk are matched with layers of lush ambiance combining both current and traditional styles with all the virtuosity of a player redefining our expectations of maturing young prodigies. Some musicians make you feel good about where music is headed and Shannon Hayden is one of them.”

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A Show of Support: a Benefit & Dance Party for Susan Smith
5:00 PM17:00

A Show of Support: a Benefit & Dance Party for Susan Smith

Featuring Achilles Wheel, Buck Star, & Elevation
With special guest performances by Haute Trash
Raffle and prizes! 100% of the proceeds to benefit Susan Smith

Sunday, October 23, 5:00 pm
Main Stage Theater
$25 suggested donation


5pm – Doors Open

5:30-6:30 – Jamal Walker and Elevation

6:30 – Haute Trash

7:00-8:15 –  Buck Star

8:15  Haute Trash, Raffle, Kudos

9:00 -10:30  Achilles Wheel

Susan Smith


It’s been two years since I completed traditional breast cancer treatment, just starting to feel myself returning, and I’ve discovered a new lump in my breast.  I spent months gathering information, reading books, meeting with health practitioners both conventional and alternative. At this time, I’ve chosen a path which seems to me the most sensible given my specific situation. Most important, I’ve tapped into my will to live!

I am grateful for the team of professionals I have found and for the unexpected joys I’ve experienced on this journey so far. I am enthusiastic about my protocol and feel optimistic that I will come through this with outstanding health and new tools for living this beautiful life. Members of my healthcare team share this optimism saying I have “big life force energy”.

I’m inviting you all to join me on my journey because “It takes a village…”! I am turning to my community (you)  to assist me in handling the more mundane, but necessary, aspect of treatment; the finances.  At this time, it looks like I will need about $20,000 to cover expenses not covered by insurance.

Your donations will be used to cover travel expenses, consultations, in-home equipment, supplements and treatments. At this time, the weekly cost is $750, but I expect this to increase by early November.

This time around, I feel completely empowered in my healing process. Your contribution offers me the opportunity to spend my energy healing.  I am humbly grateful for your support.  You are my community and I love you!


Donations can also be made on Susan’s Go Fund Me Site

Achilles Wheel is a California based rock and roll band that blurs the lines between genres and fuses an infectious blend of Roots and World Music Rockadelia.


Their sound comes across as both Old School and New School and is riddled with great songwriting. The one thing that rises to the surface as you get to know this band is that supporting the benefit of our human condition is foremost in their work. They play hard as a way to break down walls and celebrate life. The idealism that they embraced as younger men has not diminished in the harsh light of the modern world as we struggle to live freely and have a good time, and in the end, hopefully matter. Achilles Wheel fearlessly sings out to these times.

With the release of their third studio recording, ‘Devil In The Yard’, Achilles Wheel is also waving the flag for Ben Jacobs (Poor Man’s Whiskey, Grateful Bluegrass Boys, Rusty Stringfield), who came to the AW studio in Nevada City to record a couple of songs, but after playing on every track he left as the new Achilles Wheel keys man. He joins Jonny Mojo Flores on lead guitar and vocals, Paul Kamm on guitar and vocals, Shelby Snow on bass and vocals, Mark McCartney on drums and vocals and Gary Campus on drums and percussion.

Buck Star is a country/rock/R&B band born out of Nevada County California in late 2014.  It’s five members, Tom Menig, Eric Menig, Rob Kopp, Jenn Knapp and Lucas Weber are no strangers to the stage as these dynamic players have been starring members of bands such as “The Dead Beats” and “The Cheatin’ Buzzies“.  Buck Star crafts catchy original tunes that are receiving rave reviews from listeners. With pure tones that will carry you from old school to new school, this tight knit group is not to be missed.


Out of the gold country comes Silk….. J Silk aka Jamal Walker, soul vocalist extraodinaire has assembled a talented cast of funky brothers to pull off some of your favorite old school funk tunes. Only dancers needed, come be part of the show!

Soul singing sensation Jamal Walker’s new funk band “Elevation” will get you on your feet and dancing right out of the gates. Band members include Don Farwell – guitar, Jamal Walker – Vocals, Andy Brooding-Bass, Scott Wilson– DrummyX, Frankie Maranzino on the keys.

Haute Trash is a group of artists and designers who have been entertaining audiences for over three decades with their tongue-in-cheek trash fashion shows. From their humble beginnings at the Nevada Theatre, to performing on runways all around the country, Haute Trash inspires to make you think twice about what you throw “away”. They take great pleasure in performing at this benefit for Susan, who has been such an integral part of Haute Trash since its inception.

Raffle Tickets are $10 each or 6 for $50. 100% of the proceeds to benefit Susan Smith!


  • 8 hrs of tractor/excavation work with 2 man crew  – Seghezzi Enterprises
  • Personal Training – Wendy Riley and Marilyn Rohrbacher
  • Mountain Bike ($1,000 value) – Tour of Nevada City
  • 6 One hour guitar lessons – Kelly Fleming
  • Titanium Ring – Titanium Ring Studio
  • Titanium Ring – Classic Titanium
  • Financial Planning – Janet Peak
  • Nutritional Consultation – Maria Unger
  • Art Prints –  Brian Chambers
  • 2 hour private house concert with Tony Unger
  • 2 hour private house concert with George Souza
  • 2 hour private house concert with Nut Boys
  • 2 hour private house concert with Kelly Fleming
  • 2 hour private house concert with Saul Rayo & Alaiana

And much more!!

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Kim Simmonds and Savoy Brown
8:00 PM20:00

Kim Simmonds and Savoy Brown

The Center for the Arts presents
Saturday,October 22, 2016, 8:00 pm
$27 Member, $32 General Public
(Ticket price includes $2 facility fee.  Does not include applicable fee for online purchases.)


British Blues/Rock pioneer Kim Simmonds and Savoy Brown celebrate 50 continuous years of touring, more than 5,000 gigs from the Royal Albert Hall to Carnegie Hall to the Fillmore East and West and now back at Reggie’s!

Kim Simmonds is not living in the past; he’s challenging himself and his band to reach new heights and find higher ground.

“Savoy Brown is a very musical band,” Simmonds says.   “We’re not comparing ourselves to others.   We appeal to an audience who wants to hear what we are up to now, what we are rehearsing, creating as a band.   I think my guys and my team is empowering me to do this.”

That’s what Kim lives for and invigorates him – playing for audiences who are hungry to listen for new heights in artistry – not just living off 50 years as an architect of the British hard blues scene.

“Whether I like it or not, I think my destiny is to keep doing what I’m doing, play in clubs and theaters where people pay their hard eared money to hear us give them one-hundred and ten percent.”

Last Spring, the band released The Devil To Pay, Simmonds’ 46th album, and it shows what 50 years giving one-hundred and ten percent can do.

“In many ways,” considers the iconic bandleader, “This is the best album I’ve ever done.  It’s fresh and new, and belongs to the twenty-first century.”

The Devil To Pay was born during a white-knuckle burst of inspiration.   “We recorded the album in April 2015 at SubCat Studios in Syracuse, New York,” reflects Kim.  “I record very fast, within two or three days, and most of the work is done in a single day.   All the work is done in the months before going into the studio.  The songwriting, getting the focus right, the rehearsals, the practice, playing the material live.  Once all that is done, it’s a simple matter of going into the studio and catching the moment.  Exactly like I did, for instance, with Street Corner Talking back in 1971.”

The Devil To Pay represents years of wood shedding in Kim’s White Cottage Studio, usually at o’dark thirty in the morning.   Between tours, Simmonds is constantly honing his craft, playing guitar, singing, writing songs, recording.

“Blues songs are mostly about your feelings,” explains Kim.  “Love, loneliness, happiness, despair and so forth.  All these emotions are somewhere in the songs on the new album.  The song “The Devil To Pay” is about having to pay for doing wrong in the past.  “Bad Weather Brewing” is about the feeling that something bad is going to happen in your life.  Grew Up In The Blues about someone not having it easy when they were young.”

With songs that strong, The Devil To Pay is set to continue the upward march of Savoy Brown’s acclaimed recent releases, 2011’s Voodoo Moon and 2014’s Goin’ To The Delta.  “I’d like people to say it’s better than the last studio album,” says Kim.  “I’m pleased with it.  There’s always things you would do different, but that’s just the way creating something goes.  I think it’s an album that continues to connect the circle from the band’s beginnings to now.”

Anyone with an appreciation of blues-rock will have been following that circle intently since the start.   Rewind to when the Savoy Brown Blues Band formed in 1965, and began playing gigs as they held residence at the Nag’s Head, which became a scene for Fleetwood Mac and many others because of Savoy Brown’s beginning there.  “We practiced seven days a week there; we were extremely driven.”

Kim was a lynchpin of perhaps the most exciting scene in history, establishing Savoy Brown in the first wave of British blues-boomers, signing to Decca, opening for Cream’s first London show and being namedropped in the same breath as peers like Clapton and Hendrix (with whom he jammed).   Even then, the guitarist was emerging as the band’s driving force.   “I had a vision,” he reflects.   “When I started the band back in 1965, the concept was to be a British version of a Chicago blues band.   And the exciting thing now is, that vision is still alive.  ”

Soon, Savoy Brown had achieved what most British bands never did – success in America – and became a major Stateside draw thanks to their high-energy material and tireless work ethic.   “There’s way too much said about sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll,” Kim told Classic Rock.   “It’s a cliché.   We were all extremely hard-working guys.  When we came over to America, we were like a little army.   I look at that time as being filled with incredible talent.”

Times changed, of course, and by 1979, Simmonds had moved from a London he no longer recognized – “The punks were everywhere!” – to settle permanently in the States.  The Savoy Brown band members came and went, and the music scene shifted around him, but the guitarist stuck thrillingly to his guns, staying true to the music and the muse.

Bands including Jethro Tull, the Doobie Brothers and Kiss supported Savoy Brown to open up their own careers.  Not too many bands tour continuously for 50 years.  It is a a true rarity to find one at the top of their game.  Kim wakes at dawn every day he’s not on the road and goes out to his White Cottage studio to play, sing, write record and continually hone his craft.  “Do I have anything left to prove?” considers Kim.  “Perhaps not to other people, but to myself, yes.  There’s always, inside of you, a song not written or a new guitar lick waiting to come out.  I still have the drive I had when was I was young, and that keeps me going.”

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8:00 PM20:00


The Center for the Arts presents
Friday, October 21, 2016, 8:00pm
$22 member, $27 general public
(Ticket price includes $2 facility fee.  Does not include applicable fee for online purchases.)


“He’s perfected a verbal jitterbug of comedy, taking on politics and war and rhetoric.” The New Yorker Magazine.

“Will Durst might possibly be the best political comic working in the country today.”  The New York Times.

Elect To Laugh: 2016 with Will Durst is a brand- new, hysterical, one- man show stalking the presidential election cycle like white on rice. Ably assisted by his trusty overhead projector, this hilarious 80 minute production reflects Durst’s outraged and outrageous sensibilities, accessing the topical through the jugular, as current as Bernie Sanders’ lead staffer’s latest tweet.

Winston Churchill called the American political process a circus wrapped inside a game show covered in poisonous weasel glitter. Well, he should have. And both sides of the partisan aisle can’t help but agree that the 2016 election season has spawned one of the most fertile, febrile and fecund campaigns in history. For mocking and scoffing and taunting purposes, that is. As a source for comedic material it has been an embarrassment of riches. Lush like a tropical rain forest. A cornucopia of delights.  Like slam- dunking from a step- ladder.

Co -authored by the best joke writers in the business: Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama, not to mention the ubiquitous Sarah Palin, and ably assisted by the 535 hard working satirists in Congress- this show is more bipartisan than an Apple Pie Day Proclamation. Every political stance is taken to task with extra- special attention paid to the irredeemably dim. Of which there is more than a little.

Elect to Laugh: 2016 hits the hypocritical where it hurts the funniest chronicling the country’s torturously amusing path through the primaries, debates, ads, mud, spin, tears, flip- flops and flop- flips. It is comedy for people who read or know someone who does. Political comedy for folks who don’t like politics.

Acknowledged by peers and press alike as one of the premier political satirists in the country, Will Durst has patched together a comedy quilt of a career, weaving together columns, books, commentaries, acting, voice- overs and most specifically- stand up, into a hilarious patchwork of outrage and outrageous common sense, guided by his abiding motto, “You can’t make stuff up like this.” The New York Times calls him “possibly the best political comic working in the country today.” Fox News agrees, “he’s a great political satirist,” while the Oregonian hails him as a “hilarious stand- up journalist.” This former radio talk host, oyster shucker, and margarine smuggler currently writes a nationally syndicated humor column, and his scribblings have appeared in Esquire, George, the San Francisco Chronicle, National Lampoon, The New York Times and scads of other periodicals. He is a 5 time Emmy nominee; has been fired by PBS three times; told jokes in 14 countries; racked up 7 nominations for Stand- Up of the Year; and his 800+ television appearances include Letterman, HBO, Showtime, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News, the BBC and many more. The critically acclaimed Off-Broadway run of his one man show: “The All American Sport of Bipartisan Bashing,” was turned into a book of the same name by Ulysses Press. His hobbies include pinball, the never-ending quest for the perfect cheeseburger and his heroes remain the same as when he was 12… Thomas Jefferson and Bugs Bunny.

Durst’s performances are made possible by the 1st Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

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Dom Flemons
7:30 PM19:30

Dom Flemons

The Center for the Arts presents
Thursday, Oct. 20, 7:30PM
$17 Member, $20 General Public

(Ticket price includes $2 facility fee.  Does not include applicable fee for online purchases.)

Dom Flemons is the “American Songster,” pulling from traditions of old-time folk music to create new sounds. Having performed music professionally since 2005, he has played live for over one million people just within the past three years.

As part of the Carolina Chocolate Drops, which he co-founded with Rhiannon Giddens and Justin Robinson, he has played at a variety of festivals spanning from the Newport Folk Festival to Bonnaroo, in addition to renowned venues such as the Grand Ole Opry.

Raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Dom’s involvement with music began by playing percussion in his high school band. After picking up the guitar and harmonica as a teenager, he began to play in local coffee houses and became a regular performer on the Arizona folk music scene.

Dom wrote his own songs and produced 25 albums of singer-songwriters and slam poets in the Phoenix area, including six albums of his own, during this time. He took a brief break from playing music in order to pursue slam poetry (he majored in English at Northern Arizona University) and performed in two national poetry slams in 2002 and 2003. Aside from exploring slam poetry, he spent his early adulthood listening to records and discovering a love of folk music, blues, jazz, jug band music, country music and ‘50s rock ‘n’ roll.

Dom became interested in folk musicians such as Phil Ochs, Dave Van Ronk, and Mike Seeger, as well as musicians such as Mississippi John Hurt, Howlin’ Wolf, Hank Williams, Chuck Berry and Carl Perkins. After stepping away from the slam poetry scene, he rekindled his interest in music, this time focusing on the old-time blues music of the pre-WWII era.

A multi-instrumentalist, Dom plays banjo, guitar, harmonica, fife, bones, bass drum, snare drum, and quills, in addition to singing. He says that he incorporates his background in percussion to his banjo playing. Dom’s banjo repertoire includes not only clawhammer but also tenor and three-finger styles of playing. He first picked up the instrument when he borrowed a five-string banjo from a friend who had removed the instrument’s fifth string.

As a founding member of the Carolina Chocolate Drops, an African-American string band, Dom was able to explore his interest in bringing traditional music to new audiences. The band won a GRAMMY for its 2011 album Genuine Negro Jig and was nominated for its most recent album, Leaving Eden, in 2012.

Dom says he would like to use the traditional forms of music he has heard and immersed himself in over the years to create new soundscapes that generate interest in old-time folk music. Focusing very much on creating music that is rooted in history but taking a contemporary approach, Dom hopes to reexamine what traditional music can become.

In July 2014, Dom released his third solo record with Music Maker Relief Foundation and his first since leaving the Carolina Chocolate Drops. Prospect Hill finds Flemons digging deeply into ragtime, Piedmont blues, spirituals, southern folk music, string band music, jug-band music, fife and drum music, and ballads idioms with showmanship and humor, reinterpreting the music to suit 21st-century audiences.

He was featured on NPR’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross and his new album has received praise from The Boston Globe, Paste Magazine, Living Blues Magazine, and more.

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Austin Lounge Lizards
8:00 PM20:00

Austin Lounge Lizards

The Center for the Arts presents
Saturday, October 15, 2016, 8:00pm

$22 member, $24 general public
(Ticket price includes $2 facility fee.  Does not include applicable fee for online purchases.)

The Austin Lounge Lizards are arguably the perfect pairing of their hometown’s moniker, “Music Capital of the World,” and its motto: “Keep Austin Weird.” For 33 years, the Lizards have been spoofing the topics American families try to avoid at the Thanksgiving table; subjects like politics, religion, romance, the music industry, and their crazy/stupid relatives. With pointed lyrics, precise harmonies and instrumental expertise, the band has become legendary for its satirical skewering through song.

The Lizards originated in 1976 in New Jersey, when Hank Card (vocals, rhythm guitar) and Conrad Deisler (vocals, lead guitar, mandolin) met as mutual history majors at Princeton University and started songwriting together. Following graduation, both Hank, a native Oklahoman, and Conrad, a Tex-Cali-Connecticut-Venezuelan, ended up in Austin. University of Georgia philosophy graduate and banjo/dobro player Tom Pittman completed the founding-troubador trifecta in 1980, and the Austin Lounge Lizards was born.

With a series of talented fellow players and writers, the band began playing dates around Austin and across Texas. Soon, they had developed a widespread following of loyal Lizard fans, and by 1987, began appearing at festivals and concerts throughout North America and in the United Kingdom. Five-time winners at the Austin Music Awards, the Lizards have played many celebrated festivals, including California’s Hardly Strictly Bluegrass and Strawberry Music Festivals, New York’s Grey Fox and Florida’s Stringbreak Festivals, Canada’s Vancouver and Edmonton Folk Festivals and Summerfolk, the Americana and Iron Bridge Festivals in the UK, and the Kerrville Folk Festival close to their home in Texas. They have also performed at dozens of prestigious concert venues, including The Barns at Wolftrap (Vienna, VA), the Freight & Salvage (Berkeley, CA), the Kuumbwa Jazz Center (Santa Cruz, CA), John Ascuaga’s Nugget (Sparks, NV), Eddie’s Attic (Atlanta), The Ark (Ann Arbor, MI), Calgary Folk Club (Alberta, Canada), the Bass Performing Arts Center & McDavid Studio (Fort Worth), McGonigel’s Mucky Duck (Houston) and Austin’s own Cactus Café.

After more than three decades, Tom retired from the band to Asheville, NC, in 2011. The departure of Tom, who stands about 6’4”, literally downsized the band; to honor his legacy, the Lizards chose to do so figuratively as well, continuing as a quartet, less a banjo but no less eccentric. The band is now made up of Hank, Conrad, Darcie Deaville (fiddle, mandolin, vocals) and Bruce Jones (electric bass, vocals). Darcie joined the boys in 2008, bringing a womanly perspective to the traditionally all-male revue, while Bruce became part of the group in late 2009.

With their unique amalgamation of highly literate Ivy League roots; the folk, country and bluegrass musical conventions of Appalachia and Nashville; creative influences like Frank Zappa, Spike Jones, George Jones, and Flatt & Scruggs; and an unquenchable thirst for the absurd, the Lizards specialize in musical eclecticism, excellence and extreme entertainment.

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Greg Loiacono of The Mother Hips
8:00 PM20:00

Greg Loiacono of The Mother Hips

The Center for the Arts presents
with  Lee Bob and the Truth opening
Saturday, October 8, 8:00pm
$20 Member, $22 General Public
(Ticket price includes $2 facility fee.  Does not include applicable fee for online purchases.)

Greg Loiacono is a musician based out of Marin County, California. He is a founding member of the seminal California rock band, The Mother Hips. Greg plays guitar, sings and writes songs for The Hips, Sensations ( his solo project that features a rotating cast of California bassists and drummers including Scott Thunes, Paul Hoaglin, Reed Mathis, Todd Roper and David Brogan) and Ball Point Birds (an acoustic duo) that he created with his musical brother, Tim Bluhm.

When Greg is not on the road, recording or sitting in with friends around town, he brings a customized, music group into Bay Area treatment Centers to help addicts recover from addiction and psychological disorders.

“Lee Bob is a country gentleman with imdi-rock flavor” – NPR Music

Lee Bob & The Truth is a rock & roll band from the San Francisco, CA. Lee Bob calls the music “future blues”. Their new album – The Light – was recorded in a handful of days at the legendary United Recordings in Los Angeles and mastered by Bernie Grundman. The 100% analog record never touched a computer. The emphasis is on direct & emotive songs and the interplay of musicians in live performance.

The band teams singer-songwriter Lee Bob with guitarist Steve Suzuki Wyreman (who has played with Richard Ashcroft) and bassist Josh Lippi (Darondo, Alice Russell). Joining the band in various configurations on record and stage are Joe Bagale on drums, Nate Mercereau on guitar, Derek Taylor on drums and Ben Schwier on piano and organ.

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2016 Fall Colors Open Studios Art Tour
to Oct 16

2016 Fall Colors Open Studios Art Tour

The Center for the Arts presents
Fall Colors Open Studios Art Tour of Nevada County
October 8-9, and 15-16, 10:AM to 5:00PM
Open House Preview Event: Thursday, October 6, 6:00 to 9:00PM

Print version available at:
The Center for the Arts, Artworks Gallery, ASiF Studios, Briar Patch Co-op, GV & NC Chambers, The Alexander Gallery, SummerThymes, The Artist Workshop

Meet the artists, view their work, plan your tour, buy art, preview upcoming shows, youth workshops, and support The Center for the Arts and our community . The Center is located at 314 West Main Street in downtown Grass Valley.

Visit 70+ local artists in 46 studios this October and see where art is made, displayed, and appreciated in Nevada County. The tour features painters, printmakers, photographers, ceramicists, illustrators, jewelers, designers, woodworkers and more. You will have the opportunity to meet the artists, view new work, and buy original art in a wide range of media & styles. See their workspace, watch live demonstrations, observe works in progress and learn about an art process from concept to completion.  Beyond an art sale, Open Studios is a chance to experience first-hand how, where and why art is created.

Start your tour at The Center for the Arts preview exhibit October 8-18 artist reception Thursday, October 8, 6 – 9PM. The Open House is free and open to all ages. Meet the artists, view their work, plan your tour, buy art, preview upcoming shows, youth workshops, and support The Center for the Arts and our community.

Prizes for the most studios visited!

Have the artist at each studio you visit mark off their listing in the guide.
Visit 5 or more studios: entered to win a $25 gift certificate for a Center for the Arts show.
Visit 10 or more studios: entered to win a $50 gift certificate for a Center for the Arts show.
The person who visits the most studios will win a grand prize.
To be eligible for all prizes, bring your marked Open Studios guide back to the Center during business hours: Monday-Saturday, Noon-5:00pm, by Oct. 31.

Start your tour at The Center for the Arts
Artist Reception is Thursday, October 6, 6:00 to 9:00PM
Preview Exhibit October 2 – 18

Candy Ekstrom 1

Carin Brooks 1

Dori Greenbaum 1

Jay Gordin 1

Jonathan Lyerly 1

Katie Wolff 1

Martha Jones 1

Rosemary Stokes 1

Karel Hendee 1

Adrian Hyman 2

Tamara Unger 2

Len Moles 3

Chantell Goldthwaite 4

Valerie Messervy Birkhoff 5

Deb Foxen 5

Brett Schreiber 6

Dugan Essick 7

Mindy Oberne 8

Caroline Courtright 9

Della Heywood 9

Chic Lotz 10

David King 11

Rebecca Bleau 12

Kathryn Wronski 13

Michael Larson 13

Suzanne Himmler 13

Thomas Haddy 13

Virginia Ray 14

Linda Galusha 15

Jude Bischoff 16

Marylou Falstreau 17

Art Works 18

Neighborhood Center of The Arts 19

Spencer McClay 19

Tim Wilson 20

Curious Forge 21

Nathaniel Wheaton & Samantha Veitch 22

Tony Machado 23

David McKay 24

Jan Pellizzer 25

ASiF 26

Denise Wey 26

Eileen Blodgett Fine Art 26

Jill Mahanna 26

Mark Wilcox 26

Encaustic Artists Guild of Nevada County 26

Ron Kenedi 27

John Bridge 28

Katy Hight 28

Kris Johnson 29

Lucy Galbraith 30

Leon Fletcher 30

Lil McGill 31

Delo Rio 32

David McKay 33

Kitkitdizzi 34

Alexander Gallery 35

Bill Juhl 35

LeeAnn Brook 36

Ron Kenedi 37

JudiRobison (Gunkel) 38

Juliette Morris Williams 39

Thomas Devine 40

Alex Henderson 41

Miriam Morris 41

Martin Arkenstone 42

Susan Lobb- Porter 43

Liz Collins 44

Betsy Lombard 45

Catherine Enderline Allen 45

Nadine Enderlin 46

Antje Dormeyer 47

Gail Lipson 47

Jane Markham 47

See Art being made!

Many of the participating artists are working in their studios during the tour so you can see first hand their art-making process. Here is a sample of what some of the artists have lined up for the event:
Nevada City Area Artists Live Demos + More
29 KRIS JOHNSON – silk dyeing techniques
35 BILL JUHL – wood turning
36 LEEANN BROOK FINE ART – working gallery and painting studio
40 THOMAS DEVINE – painting
41 MIRIAM MORRIS – sculpture
42 MARTIN ARKENSTONE – stone carving
43 SUSAN LOBB PORTER – painting using layers
47 ANTJE DORMEYER – stone setting and construction of rings


Grass Valley Area Artists Live Demos + More  
1 JAY GORDIN – knifemaking shop tours, sheath making
1 CARIN BROOKS – gourd carving
1 KAREL HENDEE – silk painting & dyeing techniques
1 ROSEMARY STOKES – jewelry making
1 DORI GREENBAUM – painting
6 BRETT SCHREIBER – burlwood finishing
8 MINDY OBERNE – Antarctica video/ photography project
9 DELLA HEYWOOD – watercolor & mixed media techniques
10 CHIC LOTZ – pottery throwing
12 REBECCA BLEAU – screenprinting
13 SUZANNE HIMMLER – fusing and enameling of fine silver
13 KATHRYN WRONSKI – painting of pet portraits
16 JUDE BISCHOFF – painting
17 MARYLOU FALSTREAU – acrylic & mixed media painting
22 BARROCULT – ceramics

More to do!

Encounter Nature – Fall Colors Trek at Hirschman’s Pond
10AM free | great for all ages
Join Bear Yuba Land Trust on this beginner level walk – just .8 miles round trip to the Hirschman Pond – a remnant from gold mining history. Or do the whole 5-mile lasso-shaped loop. Meet at the trailhead, 115 Cement Hill Rd, Nevada City.
More info:

Out on the Town – Grass Valley Downtown
Stroll, Shop, Sip & Dine in Beautiful Downtown Grass Valley!
Situated in the beautiful Sierra Foothills, Grass Valley is surrounded by streams,lakes, rivers and majestic forests. We invite you to discover all the great things we have to offer!

More info:

Holiday Shopping  – Nevada City Winter Craft Fair
SUN, DECEMBER 11 10am – 6pm
Miners Foundry, 325 Spring St. Downtown Nevada City
Over sixty of the local region’s top Etsy vendors, ar tisans, designers, DIY crafters! Featuring unique, handmade, original and repurposed art, clothing, accessories, jewelry, and housewares.

More info:

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Melissa Mitchell and The Hope Social Club
8:00 PM20:00

Melissa Mitchell and The Hope Social Club

The Center for the Arts presents
with Justin Farren, solo and Handmade Moments opening
Friday, October 7, 2016, 8:00pm
$17 Members, $20 General Public
(Ticket price includes $2 facility fee.  Does not include applicable fee for online purchases.)

“Mitchell may very well be Alaska’s strongest, most stylistically defined, accomplished singer/songwriter. She also jams like a badass with a full band. She’s opened for enormous acts, like KD Lang, and played on countless stages.” – Anchorage Press, May 04, 2016

“There is so much mutual respect and all around good feels passing between them, and they are so consistently having as much fun as their crowds are—I would be hard-pressed to think of another live show that packs that much good love. Their mix of blues, rock, soul, folk, funk and sometimes a little country isn’t something you’ll hear anywhere else in town.” – Aurora Ford, Anchorage Press, March 24, 2016

The Hope Social Club is a band whose beginnings originated in and around the small town of Girdwood, Alaska, a hippy ski haven just South of Anchorage. Melissa Mitchell and Spiff lived in the same building and although neither remembers the very first time they jammed, the town of Girdwood gave them plenty of opportunity to hear each other play. Quickly, they became more familiar with each others songs and with easygoing style and effortless harmonies it was a natural fit and a not so random partnership. The rest of the band met there over the last 15 years and sitting in on each others sets became the norm. Multi-instrumentalist Aaron Benolkin joined in anytime he wasn’t playing with his other projects, including The Whipsaws, and his smooth pedal steel and electric guitar added another layer of texture to Melissa and Spiff’s songs. Tim Haren, a rockin’ local drummer and creator of Alaska’s own Lefty’s Cajons, along with Tony Restivo, bass player for the iconic Girdwood jam band The Photonz, rounded out the rhythm section. Rik Nielsen, from Valdez, had played and toured with Melissa and just kept adding new instruments to his bag of tricks, including lap steel and Weissenborn, but is most at home ripping his champion electric guitar leads.

In addition to being band mates, the Hope Social Club is comprised of dear friends, which is obvious when you watch them play together. They’ve shared good times and heartache, traveled together, volunteered and worked together, cried on each others shoulders; the bond is tangible and for good reason, they have grown to be one of Alaska’s favorite bands.
The music that this band makes is special; it’s infectious, and it’s hard to describe. It’s almost easier to say what they are not: they are not a rock band; they aren’t a hippy band; they aren’t blues specialists or classic rockers; they won’t play Wagon Wheel, so don’t even ask.

Original songs and harmonies are the cornerstone of HSC and although they are led by two acoustic guitars, the rest of the band adds plenty of oomph so that what started out as folk songs easily evolves into groove laced tunes that gets people on their feet. They’ve played everything from house concerts to the biggest and best venues Alaska has to offer and have gotten their feet wet on the East and West Coasts. Between them, they’ve opened for national acts such as Michael Franti, Wilco, Rayland Baxter, Trampled by Turtles, K.D. Lang, the Indigo Girls, and Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit, just to name a few.

The individual members have all got a long history of composing the soundtrack to many an Alaskan evening. Whether it’s on the stage, or under the stars at a campfire; this band adds solid depth and credibility to the Alaskan music scene and their fiery brand of foot stomping, heart churning tunes, translates anywhere they go. This band delivers. You can see it on the faces of the folks that come to the shows. It’s more than just watching and listening to musicians play. It’s more than just being in the scene. It’s more than you usually get for the common cover charge. It’s special. It’s Alaskan. It’s the Hope Social Club.

Justin Farren is an acclaimed yet unassuming singer-songwriter from Sacramento, CA. where he lives in a house that he literally built with his own two hands, about which he says “it’s like living in a museum of my own mistakes”.

When it comes to his songs, Justin Farren is nothing short of a master craftsman painting lyrical pictures that are firmly rooted in the reality of day-to-day life. His delivery is humorous, thoughtful and engaging. His guitar playing is lively, intricate, and seemingly boundless. The Sacramento News & Review describes him as “The storyteller with an impeccable voice, a guitar and a headfull of funny, tender and engaging observation.”

Justin has toured extensively along the West Coast, through the Southwest and beyond. One highlight of these touring includes a series of shows opening for the nationally acclaimed folk artist David Wilcox in packed theaters throughout California, Oregon and Washington. Justin has also been honored to open for national artists including Bret Dennen, Hot Buttered Rum, Matt Costa, Jackie Greene, and John Vanderslice. A few of Justin’s accolades include: SWRFA Official Showcase Artist (2015), 2nd Place – Planet Bluegrass Folks Fest Competition (2013), Honorable Mention – Planet Bluegrass Telluride Troubadour Competition (2013), Regional Finalist – NewSong Mountain Stage (2012), Song Of The Year – West Coast Songwriter (2012), Best Musician – Sacramento News & Review (2009 / 2010), Best Lyricist – Sacramento Magazine (2010)

What makes the homey Ozark stew of Handmade Moments so very nourishing, so perfectly spiced? Partake and be effortlessly guided through wistful and deep channels of musical flavor, rich with hearty roots and fungi, vegetables home-gardened and watered from the sacred well of American musics: jazz old-time country blues soul hip-hop rock (and it don’t stop). Glistening with insight and whimsy, long-simmering with righteous compassion and beauty, Handmade Moments are a fearless all-weather duo – complementary spirits of musical tightrope and magic – serving up entrée to their secret river of goodness.

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Jerry Douglas Band
7:30 PM19:30

Jerry Douglas Band

The Center for the Arts presents
Wednesday, October 5, 2016, 7:30pm
General Admission
$37 member, $42 general public
(Ticket price includes $2 facility fee.  Does not include applicable fee for online purchases.)

Dobro master and 14-time Grammy winner Jerry Douglas is to the resonator guitar what Jimi Hendrix was to the electric guitar: elevating, transforming, and reinventing the instrument in countless ways. In addition to being widely recognized as the foremost master of the Dobro, Jerry Douglas is a freewheeling, forward-thinking recording artist whose output incorporates elements of bluegrass, country, rock, jazz, blues and Celtic into his distinctive musical vision.

Called “dobro’s matchless contemporary master,” by The New York Times, thirteen-time Grammy winner Jerry Douglas is one of the most innovative recording artists in music, both as a solo artist and member of groundbreaking bands including J.D. Crowe & the New South, the Country Gentlemen, Boone Creek, and Strength In Numbers. Douglas’ distinctive sound graces more than 1500 albums, including discs released by Garth Brooks, Paul Simon, James Taylor, Elvis Costello, Earl Scruggs, and Ray Charles, among many others.

Since 1998, he’s been a key member of “Alison Krauss and Union Station featuring Jerry Douglas”, touring extensively and co-producing and playing on a series of platinum albums. He has produced albums for Krauss, the Del McCoury Band, Maura O’Connell, and Jesse Winchester and is is co-Music Director of the acclaimed BBC TV series Transatlantic Sessions, and his latest solo album Traveler features guest appearances by such notable friends as Paul Simon, Mumford & Sons, and Eric Clapton, among others.
As he continues his incalculable influence on Americana, bluegrass and their many related genres, Douglas forges as a true pioneer in American music.

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An Evening with Jackson Browne
8:00 PM20:00

An Evening with Jackson Browne

The Center for the Arts presents
Sunday, October 2, 2016, 8pm
Veterans Memorial Auditorium 

“Jackson Browne is timeless”
Berkshire Eagle

Jackson Browne has written and performed some of the most literate and moving songs in popular music and has defined a genre of songwriting charged with honesty, emotion and personal politics. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004 and the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame in 2007.

Jackson’s career began in the mid-60s in Los Angeles and Orange County folk clubs. Except for a brief period in NYC in the late 1960s, he has always lived in Southern California. His debut album came out on David Geffen’s Asylum Records in 1972. Since then, he has released fourteen studio albums and four collections of live performances. His most recent studio album, Standing In The Breach, is a collection of ten songs, at turns deeply personal and political, exploring love, hope, and defiance in the face of the advancing uncertainties of modern life. Browne is known for his advocacy on behalf of the environment, human rights, and arts education. He’s a co-founder of the groups Musicians United for Safe Energy (MUSE) and

In 2002, he was the fourth recipient of the John Steinbeck Award, given to artists whose works exemplify the environmental and social values that were essential to the great California-born author. He has received Duke Universitys LEAF award for Lifetime Environmental Achievement in the Fine Arts, and both the Chapin-World Hunger Year and NARM Harry Chapin Humanitarian Awards. In 2004, Jackson was given an honorary Doctorate of Music by Occidental College in Los Angeles, for “a remarkable musical career that has successfully combined an intensely personal artistry with a broader vision of social justice.”

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Laura Marling Live
8:00 PM20:00

Laura Marling Live

(((folkYEAH!))) Presents
Saturday, October 1, 8:00PM
plus special guests TBA
$21 advance, $26 door

“I’ve always been told that I’m an old soul. And I’m not. I just have a deep voice and a stern face. I am actually young. I hadn’t had chance to stop and think about that before.”

In 2015, Laura Marling came off the road after touring her hugely successful fourth album Once I Was an Eagle, and immediately set about recording its successor , Short Movie “I literally rolled out of the van and into the studio — a decision made by my own stubbornness,” she recalls. “And then I just stopped cold turkey.” Marling’s fifth album, Short Movie, was the result of an extended period of stopping and thinking. “I realised that I hadn’t been in a place for longer than two or three weeks since I was 16,” she explains. “I thought ‘I wonder what will happen if I try and root myself somewhere?‘ Look back over the past eight years.”

Shelving the album she had written and begun, she gave herself six months away from anything related to music, to explore and learn new skills, to try other kinds of writing, other ways of thinking. “It was definitely good for me,” she says. “But it was also absolutely horrible and I’ll never do that again.” Uncertain whether she wanted to continue songwriting she had redirected her energy into poetry, only to have her application (under a pseudonym) to study at a writing centre in upstate New York turned down. “I think,” she says, “it was the first time anybody’s ever said no to me.”

And so Marling returned to Los Angeles, where she has lived for the past few years, and sought new direction. “LA is literally the worst place to not have a job,” she says. “It’s so drifty anyway. It’s the kind of place where you can either skim the surface, go with the tide or be dragged down to the stagnant waters. And you don’t want to fall through the cracks here, I guess. Not that you’re in danger of doing that if you’re somewhat sane, but I felt really on the edge of sanity.” Exploring the worlds of mysticism, yoga and psychedelics, she began to feel the isolation of her city, to notice “people talking about good vibrations in a concrete jungle”, the people on the street who “just seem to let the light come in a bit too much to close it off again. And you can’t look at them without knowing that you’re capable of doing that too.” The days began to blend together. “Everything, every day seemed really banal,” she remembers. “If I was in France we would have called it ‘an existential crisis’ and got on with it. But here they treat negativity like it’s something infectious.”

Slowly out of the “chaos” of that time Marling began to find a kind of order. She enrolled on several online courses to study literary criticism, immersed herself in the writing of Rilke, Chris Kraus and Jodorowsky. “I got really obsessed with getting educated,” she explains. “And then I realized it’s not actually about being educated it’s about being wise.” Her intention was to “take the mysticism of songwriting and tame it in a way. Or take control of it. I wanted some whipping into shape. And I think that by whatever means I have done that. And that’s why I think this crop of songs is different.” These songs are different — in mood and sound and temperament. They reflect a time of great exploration for Marling, and so encompass doubt, magic, hope, humanity, salvation, rage, peace, place and being alone.

2016 has seen Laura step back from her prolific album making of the past 10 years and instead she has embarked on a year of side projects- details of which will be announced shortly. In September she will take to the road on a solo tour of North West America in the spirit of a good old fashioned road trip

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Crystal Bowersox
8:00 PM20:00

Crystal Bowersox

The Center for the Arts presents
Duo Format
Sunday, September 25 8:00pm

General Admission
$32 members, $35 general public
(Ticket price includes $2 facility fee.  Does not include applicable fee for online purchases.)

VIP Meet & Greet – Limited only 25 available
$77 member, $82 Public
includes: VIP Laminate, Exclusive Picture, An Acoustic song performed by Crystal, Question and Answer time, Photo op with Crystal, Signing with Crystal
(Ticket price includes $2 facility fee.  Does not include applicable fee for online purchases.)

“Bluesy and soulful, with a voice incapable of artifice…” -The Washington Post

“…She has a keen, finely honed pop instinct all her own.” – The New York Times

“Bowersox expertly works the territory between folk and country…her best moments are…subtle, with a touch of twang and fragility.” – The Chicago Tribune

“‘All That For This’ reflects the ease and comfort Ms. Bowersox now claims in her career…” – The New York Times

Crystal Bowersox has made it her mission to live life and her music to the fullest. With a gentle warmth and wisdom well beyond her years, the consummate artist has an uncompromising vision of herself and her music that is refreshing and rare. “I believe if you stand for something, stand your ground; stand it strong and stand it proud.” It is this fortitude and courageous spirit that resonated with millions night after night when the 2010 American Idol runner up took the stage. There is a sincerity and authenticity about her that just can’t be manufactured.

The same can be said about her musical prowess, which has all the markings of a creative force to reckon with who is in it for the long haul. Her rich amalgam of blues, country, folk and rock makes her one of the most dynamic young voices in music to come along in years. She has performed alongside everyone from Harry Connick Jr., Joe Cocker, and Alanis Morrisette, to Michael Franti, John Popper and BB King. All That For This, Crystal Bowersox’s sophomore release and Shanachie Entertainment debut, is a powerful testament to her talents as both a singer and songwriter, as well as her unerring musical vision. She confides, “I am more proud of this body of work then anything I’ve done before. If this music can move someone to tears or makes them smile, then I have really accomplished something. That’s all I can ask for.”

All That For This is Crystal Bowersox’s emancipation from judgment. It is the manifestation of her own womanhood and enlightenment won through hard fought battles, failures and triumphs. It is the belief that listening to your own inner voice will lead you where you need to be. “I am learning not to judge music and myself so harshly and to not allow myself to be swayed by other’s judgment. I’m trying to listen to my own instincts more often. I can’t convince someone who doesn’t like my music to like it, but for the people who do, I want to play them another song,” she says smiling.

Until now, the world has witnessed only a portion of Crystal Bowersox’s talent, which was channeled through mainstream pop expectations on her debut release, Farmer’s Daughter. With the highly anticipated release of All That For This (March 26, 2013), produced by Steve Berlin (Los Lobos, Sheryl Crow, John Lee Hooker, Raul Malo), Bowersox exposes a new dimension of her music. “There are definitely more happier light-hearted moments on this record,” confides the 27-year-old Portland transport. “There are also touches of some of the darkest places and emotional states that I’ve been in my past. This album reveals a much more grateful and gracious side of me. It’s the next chapter of my life.”

A busy mom who delicately juggles motherhood and a thriving music career, Crystal admits that the challenge is not always easy. Understanding the importance of taking care of oneself and finding balance, she manages to find the time to knit and do yoga, which she says has helped with both her blood sugar and performances. She also loves to put her culinary skills to the test and has even thought about putting together her own cookbook. She adds, “I am health conscious and I do my best to take care of my body in every way I can.” She also believes in taking care of our planet. “Somehow this year I plan to wean our household off fossil fuel. Not sure how quite yet but it’s something that’s important to me, and most important for my son, and all of our children.” One of the most admirable attributes about Crystal Bowersox is her down-to-earth, no-nonsense, what-you-see is-what-you-get vibe. She honestly loves the exchange with her audience and is thrilled to be hitting the road in support of All That For This. “There is a world of difference when you get to meet people, look into their eyes, hear their stories, share your own and make a connection. You can’t beat that.” With a new CD, national tour and some high profile acting ambitions in sight for 2013, it looks like the sky is the limit. Bowersox concludes, “I hope this music thing works out because I am a really bad waitress. I am rooting for music!”

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Mick Fleetwood Blues Band feat. Rick Vito
8:00 PM20:00

Mick Fleetwood Blues Band feat. Rick Vito

The Center for the Arts presents
with Achilles Wheel Duo opening
Friday, September 23, 2016, 8pm
at the Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium


$90 Premium reserved seating including parking
(Ticket price includes $2 facility fee.  Does not include applicable fee for online purchases.)

$70 member/$80 non-member Tier 2 rows L –FF reserved seating
$52 member/$68 non member Tier 3 rows GG-LL reserved seating
(Ticket price includes $2 facility fee.  Does not include applicable fee for online purchases.)


$42/47 rows MM-QQ, General Admission
(Ticket price includes $2 facility fee.  Does not include applicable fee for online purchases.)


$42 member, $47 non member, Standing/Dancing Room only
(Ticket price includes $2 facility fee.  Does not include applicable fee for online purchases.)

Mick Fleetwood VIP Meet & Greet Package(30 available):$350

. One reserved floor ticket in rows 1 – 5 (distributed day of show)
. Exclusive Meet & Greet with Mick Fleetwood
. Photo op with Mick Fleetwood
. Q&A session at Mick Fleetwood’s drum kit
. One Autographed 8×10 photo
. One Mick Fleetwood signature drumhead
. One specially designed Mick Fleetwood VIP tote bag
. One Mick Fleetwood VIP Meet & Greet laminate
. On-Site VIP Host

Veterans Memorial Auditorium
255 South Auburn Street, Grass Valley, CA 95945

Mick Fleetwood, the iconic co-founder of Fleetwood Mac, is celebrating his blues heritage with his new band, The Mick Fleetwood Blues Band. As well as their own material, the band pays tribute to the original Fleetwood Mac, the all-male blues band that started it all in 1967. Bringing together four stellar Blues and Rock musicians, Mick Fleetwood presents a live album which is as current as it is nostalgic.

At the front of the group is Rick Vito, veteran Bluesman and former Fleetwood Mac vocalist and lead guitarist. Rick adds his personal touch while staying true to the styling of early Fleetwood Mac front man Peter Green. “A lot of guys can play the licks but Rick has the tone and that’s so important in real blues,” says Mick Fleetwood. With Fleetwood anchoring the band on percussion, the “other half” of the rhythm section is Lenny Castellanos on bass. As Mick points out, “I’ve played with John McVie for 40 years, any bassist who plays with me has big shoes to fill.” Lenny does a great job filling those shoes while complimenting Mick’s unique and revered drum style. Mark Johnstone ties everything together on the keys and backup vocals, infusing a vibrant energy to the group. The band is led, of course, by the legendary Mick Fleetwood, providing a backbone with his unmistakable power-house percussion and persona. The band pays tribute to the Mac’s early days, when it drew heavily on American blues music and produced hits such as “Rattlesnake Shake,” “Albatross,” “Oh Well” and “Black Magic Woman” (which was later covered by Santana).

Paul Kamm and Jonny Mojo are singer/songwriters and frontmen of the Northern California Roots and World music/Rock and Roll jam band, Achilles Wheel. As an acoustic duo they bring the same high energy and engaging stage presence to a quieter place, combining a bit of Country and Bluegrass to the band’s famously hard driving sound. But it’s the infectious quality of their songwriting that really shines in this setting, and the diverse nature of it as well. Paul and Jonny work off of each other like two sides of the same coin, actively looking for and pushing each other to find the most in whatever song they’re playing.

Achilles Wheel is a California based rock and roll band that blurs the lines between genres and fuses an infectious blend of Roots and World Music Rockadelia.

Their sound comes across as both Old School and New School and is riddled with great songwriting.  The one thing that rises to the surface as you get to know this band is that supporting the benefit of our human condition is foremost in their work.  They play hard as a way to break down walls and celebrate life.  The idealism that they embraced as younger men has not diminished in the harsh light of the modern world as we struggle to live freely and have a good time, and in the end, hopefully matter.  Achilles Wheel fearlessly sings out to these times.

With the release of their third studio recording, ‘Devil In The Yard’ Achilles Wheel is also waving the flag for Ben Jacobs (Poor Man’s Whiskey, Grateful Bluegrass Boys, Rusty Stringfield), who came to the AW studio in Nevada City to record a couple of songs, but after playing on every track he left as the new Achilles Wheel keys man.  He joins Jonny Mojo Flores on lead guitar and vocals, Paul Kamm on guitar and vocals, Shelby Snow on bass and vocals, Mark McCartney on drums and vocals and Gary Campus on drums and percussion.

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Dead Man’s Cell Phone
10:30 PM22:30

Dead Man’s Cell Phone

Sierra Stages presents
September 29 – October 16
$20 on Sept 29 & 30
$25 for all other performances

$35 Reserved Seating

By Sarah Ruhl
Directed by Sharon Winegar
Set & Lighting Design by Tim Dugan
Costume Design by Paulette Sand-Gilbert
Chase Coney
Lyra Dominguez
Paulette Gilbert
Jonathan Hansard
Wendy Willoughby
Sharon Winegar

In this beguiling comedy by contemporary playwright Sarah Ruhl, Jean is sleepwalking through her life until she answers a dead man’s cell phone. It turns out to be a wake-up call that sends her on a date with the dead man’s brother, a drinking binge with his wife, and a mysterious rendezvous with his mistress. Not to mention trips to the afterlife and the black market. In this quirky modern adventure, Jean re-connects to her own spirit and learns that life is for the living.

315 Richardson Street, Grass Valley

We offer both General Admission and Reserved Seating for
“Dead Man’s Cell Phone”.
It’s easy to purchase tickets ONLINE below,

You may also call us at 530.346.3210 to purchase tickets over the phone.
Our box office opens 1 hour before each performance.
The doors open for seating 1/2 hour before each performance.

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Paul Thorn Band
8:00 PM20:00

Paul Thorn Band

The Center for the Arts presents
Wednesday, July 27, 2016, 8:00PM

General Admission
$27 member, $30 non member

(Ticket price includes $2 facility fee.  Does not include applicable fee for online purchases.)

“Paul is one of my favorite artists,Talk about somebody with a powerful live performance. He’s funny, he’s funky, he’s sexy, he’s witty and he’s a great songwriter. He’s the perfect double bill for me. I love the energy. I figure he’s gonna grease the pan for me.” BONNIE RAITT

“Paul Thorn is a rare and addictive mixture of soul, wit, humor and musicality.” MARK KNOPFLER

“To me he s a great performer. I love his stage thing. It’s just cool, he’s personal, friendly. You just feel comfortable around him.” ROBERT EARL KEEN

Paul Thorn’s new album Too Blessed To Be Stressed stakes out new territory for the popular roots-rock songwriter and performer. “In the past, I’ve told stories that were mostly inspired by my own life,” the former prizefighter and literal son of a preacher man offers. “This time, I’ve written 10 songs that express more universal truths, and I’ve done it with a purpose: to make people feel good.”

Which explains numbers like the acoustic-electric charmer “Rob You of Your Joy,” where Thorn’s warm peaches-and-molasses singing dispenses advice on avoiding the pitfalls of life. The title track borrows its tag from a familiar saying among the members of the African-American Baptist churches Thorn frequented in his childhood. “I’d ask, ‘How you doin’, sister?’ And what I’d often hear back was, ‘I’m too blessed to be stressed.’” In the hands of Thorn and his faithful band, who’ve been together 20 years, the tune applies its own funky balm, interlacing a percolating drum and keyboard rhythm with the slinky guitar lines beneath his playful banter.

Thorn’s trademark humor is abundant throughout the album, which will be released August 19, 2014 on Perpetual Obscurity/Thirty Tigers. “Backslide on Friday” is a warm-spirited poke at personal foibles. “I promised myself not to write about me, but I did on ‘Backslide,’” Thorn relates. The chipper pop tune is a confession about procrastination, sweetened by Bill Hinds’ slide guitar and Thorn’s gently arching melody. “But,” Thorn protests, “I know I’m not the only one who says he’s gonna diet and just eat Blue Bell vanilla ice cream on Sundays, and then ends up eating it every day!”

“Mediocrity Is King” takes a wider swipe, at our culture’s hyper-drive addiction to celebrity artifice and rampant consumerism. But like “Everything Is Gonna Be All Right,” a rocking celebration of the simple joys of life, it’s done with Thorn’s unflagging belief in the inherent goodness of the human heart.


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20th Annual California WorldFest
to Jul 17

20th Annual California WorldFest

  • Nevada County Fairground (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

20th Annual California WorldFest
July 14-17, 2016

Featuring 8 stages of music from around the world,
camping with family and friends, workshops, international food,
fine crafts, and the renowned children’s program.

Evening Meadow & Spotlight Stage Lineup

5:00-5:25 – NATIVE WELCOME
5:30-6:25: SIHASIN
6:30-7:10: EVA SALINA
7:15-8:10: ELAGE DIOUF
9:00-10:30: DELHI 2 DUBLIN

6:30-7:10: DIRTY REVIVAL
8:20-9:10: BASKERY

6:30-7:10: SAMBADA
7:15-8:15: AWA SANGHO
8:20-9:10: BOOGAT
9:15-11:00: THIRD WORLD

5:00-5:55: NANO STERN
7:50-8:40: LIZ VICE
8:45-10:00: BOZ SCAGGS

Watch for complete 8-stage daytime schedule coming soon.
Lineup and Schedule are subject to change

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Barwick & Siegfried CD Release Party
8:00 PM20:00

Barwick & Siegfried CD Release Party

The Center for the Arts presents
Friday, July 8, 8:00pm
Off Center Stage General Admission
$17 Members, $20 General Public
(Ticket price includes $2 facility fee.  Does not include applicable fee for online purchases.)

Acoustic American Roots Music

From the stage of the Strawberry Music Festival in California to pubs and concert halls throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland, the acoustic duo of Kathy Barwick & Pete Siegfried has delighted and enchanted audiences with a distinctive blend of bluegrass, old-time country, traditional Irish and folk into an engaging Americana fusion showcasing Pete’s exceptional lead vocals, Kathy’s amazing guitar work and sterling duet harmonies. The two musicians combine years of experience into a compelling, highly entertaining duet sound that extends from the “brother duets” of the 1930s to such iconic modern partnerships as Buddy and Julie Miller.

The duo’s first album, The Trestle, was released early in 2015 by FGM Music. The CD does a superb job of capturing the special blend of Barwick & Siegfried, with material ranging from Gene Autry and Flatt & Scruggs to Jean Ritchie and T-Bone Burnett, with a pair of Siegfried originals (“California Bound” and “Over the Ocean”) anchoring the song list. The Trestle has received international radio airplay and been met with widespread critical acclaim. Bluegrass Unlimited magazine called the album a “sublime blend of two voices and two instruments creating a greater whole” and “an excellent debut release by two like-minded lovers of song who’ve found musical gold in their pairing.”

Barwick & Siegfried have performed extensively throughout northern California, as well as in Nevada, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia, at such prominent festivals as the Strawberry Music Festival and such prestigious California venues as the Center for the Arts in Grass Valley, the Palms Playhouse in Winters and the Monkey House in Berkeley. The duo successfully toured Ireland and Northern Ireland in 2014 and will return for a second tour in 2016. Kathy and Pete are currently at work recording their second album, titled Long Time one.
Kathy Barwick, a native of Sacramento, has been widely hailed over the past 35 years as one of California’s most versatile acoustic musicians, known for her work in bluegrass, Americana and traditional Irish music. An award-winning multi-instrumentalist who’s adept on guitar, banjo, dobro, bass and mandolin, Barwick was a founding member of the All Girl Boys, a popular all- female bluegrass quintet, and has also worked with such bands as Nine-8ths Irish and the Mike Justis Band, as well as with Pete in the bluegrass band Mountain Laurel. Her first solo album, In My Life, was released in 2011 by FGM Music. Her second album, Braeburn, was released to
Pete Siegfried, a Pennsylvania native who has lived in Grass Valley, California, since the 1970s, founded the bluegrass band Mountain Laurel in 1988 and sang lead vocals and played mandolin in the popular quintet until it disbanded in 2011. Mountain Laurel performed widely throughout northern California and Nevada, playing most of the leading festivals in the region, earning Pete a reputation as a peerless, distinctive singer with a soaring and expressive tenor voice. Mountain Laurel recorded three albums: Another Sunny Day in California, Trouble in the Mine and It’s About  Time.

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David Bromberg Quintet
8:00 PM20:00

David Bromberg Quintet

The Center for the Arts presents
Sunday, June 26, 2016,  8:00PM
General Admission
$40 member, $45 general public (Ticket price includes $2 facility fee.  Does not include applicable fee for online purchases.)

“The reason man created stringed instruments. David touched them with a lover’s fingers and they moaned that true love right back at him. Wood and wire and flesh spoke.”
– Jerry Jeff Walker on David Bromberg

Summer 2013: record heat wave, prolonged economic slump, music business under frontal assault. A bonafide legend could be forgiven for wanting to coast a bit or ride off into the sunset, but that’s not how this narrative goes: ladies & gentlemen, allow us to re-introduce David Bromberg, the Godfather of Americana, and his new album Only Slightly Mad, which will be released by Appleseed Recordings on September 24th.

You can tell a lot about a person from the company he keeps. When that company has included Bob Dylan, The Beastie Boys, George Harrison, Emmylou Harris, Doc Watson, John Hiatt, Jerry Garcia, Reverend Gary Davis, Dr. John, Pete Seeger, Willie Nelson, John Prine, Phoebe Snow, Jerry Jeff Walker, and Mississippi John Hurt, you realize you’re dealing with a very special case.

Bromberg was born in Philadelphia in 1945 and raised in Tarrytown, NY. “As a kid I listened to rock ’n’ roll and whatever else was on the radio,” says Bromberg. “I discovered Pete Seeger and The Weavers and, through them, Reverend Gary Davis. I then discovered Big Bill Broonzy, who led me to Muddy Waters and the Chicago blues. This was more or less the same time I discovered Flatt and Scruggs, which led to Bill Monroe and Doc Watson.”

David began studying guitar at age thirteen and eventually enrolled in Columbia University as a musicology major. The Greenwich Village folk scene in the mid-’60s drew David to the downtown clubs and coffeehouses, where he could watch and learn from the best performers, including primary sources such as his inspiration and teacher, the Reverend Gary Davis.

Bromberg’s sensitive and versatile approach to guitar-playing earned him jobs playing the Village “basket houses” for tips, the occasional paying gig, and employment as a backing musician for Tom Paxton, Jerry Jeff Walker and Rosalie Sorrels, among others. He became a first-call, “hired gun” guitarist for recording sessions, ultimately playing on hundreds of records by artists including Bob Dylan (New Morning, Self Portrait, Dylan), Link Wray, The Eagles, Ringo Starr, Willie Nelson, and Carly Simon.

An unexpected and wildly successful solo spot for 600,000 concert goers at the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival in Great Britain led to a solo deal with Columbia Records, for whom David recorded four albums. His eponymous 1971 debut included “The Holdup,” a songwriting collaboration with former Beatle George Harrison, who also played slide guitar on the track. David also met the Grateful Dead and wound up with four of their members playing on his next two albums.

Bromberg’s material, based in the folk and blues idioms, continually expanded with each new album to encompass bluegrass, ragtime, country and ethnic music, and his touring band grew apace. By the mid-’70s, the David Bromberg Big Band included horn players, a violinist, and several multi-instrumentalists, including David himself.

Despite sold-out concerts and a string of acclaimed albums on the Fantasy label, Bromberg found himself exhausted by the logistics of the music business. “I decided to change the direction of my life,” he explains. So David dissolved his band in 1980, and he and his artist/musician wife, Nancy Josephson, moved from Northern California to Chicago, where David attended the Kenneth Warren School of Violin Making. Though he still toured periodically, the recordings slowed to a trickle and then stopped.
After “too many Chicago winters,” in 2002 David and Nancy were lured to Wilmington, Del., where they became part of the city’s artist-in-residence program and where David could establish David Bromberg Fine Violins, a retail store and repair shop for high quality instruments. Frequent participation in the city’s weekly jam sessions helped rekindle Bromberg’s desire to make music again, as did the encouragement of fellow musicians Chris Hillman (The Byrds, Desert Rose Band, Flying Burrito Brothers) and bluegrass wizard Herb Pedersen.

With the release of the Grammy-nominated ‘Try Me One More Time,’ his 2007 solo return to the studio, David continued his musical revitalization, playing shows on his own, with the David Bromberg Quartet, and reunions of the David Bromberg Big Band. In 2009, spurred by a suggestion from John Hiatt that he come to Hiatt’s Nashville studio to “mess around,” David came up with the idea for ‘Use Me’ – an album featuring David with Hiatt and other friends like Levon Helm, Los Lobos, Tim O’Brien, Vince Gill, Widespread Panic, Dr. John, Keb’ Mo’ and Linda Ronstadt. Each guest artist either wrote or selected a song and then produced David’s interpretation of their suggested tune, thereby fulfilling David’s request to ‘Use Me’. Partially detailing the proceedings, filmmaker Beth Kruvant directed a compelling film documentary David Bromberg; Unsung Treasure, which is currently circulating at US and Canadian film festivals.

In 2013, content with the balance of both his violin business and performing career, David was ready to record again with his live band. Enlisting old friend Larry Campbell (three-time Grammy-winning producer for Levon Helm and multi- instrumentalist with Bob Dylan) and engineer Justin Guip, David and his group entered Levon Helm Studios in Woodstock, NY, in March 2013. Enlisting some of Helm’s former recording and touring musicians for added instrumentation, the David Bromberg Band emerged twelve days later with ‘Only Slightly Mad,’ a return to his genre-bending albums of the Seventies and Eighties. Bromberg fans will find blues, bluegrass, gospel, folk, Irish fiddle tunes, pop and English drinking songs happily coexisting as they can only on a Bromberg album. For newcomers, Only Slightly Mad will be an introduction to an astonishing performer whose range and musical depth have delighted devoted audiences for over forty years and will for many years hence.

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Donavon Frankenreiter
8:00 PM20:00

Donavon Frankenreiter

The Center for the Arts presents
with Tom Curren opening
Monday, June 20, 2016, 8:00 pm
$27 member, $30 general public
(Ticket price includes $2 facility fee.  Does not include applicable fee for online purchases.)

ON SALE Friday, February 26 at 10am

Donavon Frankenreiter’s new album, “The Heart,” officially marks the start of the singer-songwriter’s second decade as a solo recording artist. It’s been over ten years since the release of his self-titled debut, and in that time he has grown, not only as a musician, but also as a man. He’s raising a family and nurturing two creative careers-one onstage, one in the waves-but on top of all that, he’s still learning what makes him tick. And so, naturally, he named his album after his ticker.

“All these songs are as close to me singing from the heart as I can,” says Frankenreiter. “It’s a complete record; the songs are intertwined. I had to call it ‘The Heart,’ that was the theme of the record.”

The songs here are seriously sentimental, without question the heaviest material he has released to date. Part of that inspiration came from his co-writer, the prolific songwriter Grant-Lee Phillips, with whom Frankenreiter had collaborated in the past on his album “Pass It Around.” He recognized the ease with which the two worked together and sent Phillips a handful of new tunes and ideas. He was astonished at the brilliance of the songs that came back, and so quickly, but also by one of Phillips’ suggestions in particular.

“Grant told me, ‘You should make the most intimate and honest record you’ve ever made,'” says Frankenreiter. “So these songs are simple and intimate and honest, they aren’t cheeky. There’s some ups and downs-I love writing positive songs and happy tunes, but there are some downers here. I feel like it’s where I’m at, 42 years old. Every one of these songs means a lot to me. They’re from the heart.”

To record them, Frankenreiter booked two weeks of studio time in May of 2015 at Blue Rock Studios in Wimberley, Texas. But unlike the privacy afforded by most studios, these sessions were to be live-streamed on the Internet in a soul-baring exhibition for his fans-talk about intimate and honest. With just two bandmates and a studio engineer, Frankenreiter knocked out a song each day and recorded the entire album in full view of a watching public. He had never been so inspired, and embraced every aspect of the situation: the landscape, the lodging, the isolation, the overall challenge.

“We went in saying, ‘Let’s make the best record we can that we enjoy,'” he says. “And not that I didn’t feel that way about my other albums, but this was the one that felt the most natural. Even the way we made it, too, a song a day. I went into it feeling a little pressure, this whole live-streaming thing; if we hit a rut the first day, we’re screwed. But the first day we cut ‘Big Wave,’ and it was off to the races.”

The nature of the recording environment removed any “fuck-around” time and replaced it with the utmost efficiency and excitement. As Frankenreiter says, it was an experiment, and it invigorated the band, resulting in their most cohesive process to date.

“There’s something magical about Blue Rock Studios and Wimberley, Texas,” he says. “It’s really powerful, that’s one spot that is really bitching. This place is beautiful, a huge estate on 50 acres, cows walking by the windows while you’re recording-this open, amazing wilderness. We lived in the studio, and to record there and never have to leave, that’s the first time I ever made a record that way. Every morning you wake up and hit it again. I was in such a bubble; it was all about the music. I think about it now and it’s emotional.”

Throughout the process, he continued to have more encounters of the heart-some more literal than others. While recording “Woman,” it was noticed that a Tibetan singing bowl found in the studio was in the same key as the Heart Chakra, one of the centers of spiritual energy in the body, and both just so happened to be in the same key as the song. Someone played it, and the sound made the final cut on the album.

Elsewhere, the song “Little Shack”  someone who shares Frankenreiter’s heartbeat: his 12-year-old son, Hendrix. “One night, at home in Hawaii, I was trying to write songs and my son was jamming on his electric,” he says. “I was like, ‘What is that song?’ and he said, ‘It’s just something I’ve been working on.’ He taught it to me, and I recorded it that night and sent it to Grant. Twenty-four hours later, Grant sent back the words. It kinda has that vibe of two people getting together: it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, I got everything I need right in front of me. It sounded like I wrote it, and Hendrix wrote the music. That was the first time that’s ever happened.”

Other moments on the album, like “Sleeping Good Night,” “The Way You Catch the Light,” “When the River Bends” (co-written by Graham Colton and Phillips), and the aforementioned “Big Wave,” highlight emotions but also have about them an ease, a familiarity, a confidence that only comes from experience. These are songs that Frankenreiter could not have pulled off in his first decade. There is a rollicking comfort to them, but also those serious sentiments of love and loss, faith and joy and, more than anything, self-examination and freedom.

“I feel really lucky that I got into the game when I did,” he says. “I’m still lucky I’m able to make records and that we have a fan base and are able to tour. I started my own record label; it’s a way for me to make my own music the way I want to, on my own time, and to put it out my way. So many things have changed and I feel a little wiser than ten years ago. I learned a lot over the last decade, it went by really quick. It’s fun to have a new album done and to hit the road with a bunch of new songs, it rejuvenates you to do your thing.”

And, for now, Frankenreiter’s “thing” may be compassion. Perhaps most heavy on “The Heart” is its final song, “California Lights,” a tune written about Frankenreiter’s father’s battle with Leukemia. “It was written about my dad, who was dying during the making of this record. He died about two weeks after we finished it. It was pretty intense, a heavy song to record. I did that song in its completion three times, that’s all I could only make it through. The live take of me playing the guitar and singing was the only way I could do it. I was seeing the heart everywhere.”

In those moments of emotional heaviness, Frankenreiter reaches for his guitar to guide him, for an escape. “I felt like I was completely in a bubble the whole time I recorded, I was so inside the music. I cried when I left the studio, and the guys in the band did, too; it was radical. It was like going back to reality. That’s what music does, you can definitely escape.”

A decade into his career, Donavon Frankenreiter has learned to listen to his ticker above all else. Doing so has allowed the light to come in from all the corners of his world, even those where there is darkness. Sharing the load with those he trusts, and especially with those he loves, he has seized the opportunity to take control of his craft, on his own terms, and to follow his own beat.

“I went into this album saying I wanted to make songs I love,” he says. “Whatever feels right, go ahead and record it, and worry about what happens after, afterwards. I’m proud of it. I go back to the title of the album, and in the song ‘You and Me,’ that chorus: ‘It’s gotta be from the heart/for it to start’… There’s so many things going on out there, everybody’s moving to the beat of a different drum, but I feel like all good things start from the heart.”

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Buyer and Cellar
8:00 PM20:00

Buyer and Cellar

Saturday, June 11, 2016,  8:00 PM
$20 General Admission
(Ticket price includes $2 facility fee.  Does not include applicable fee for online purchases.)

“This show will go down like ‘butta’” – Entertainment Weekly

The hilarious Off-Broadway hit about an unemployed actor who is thrust into a close relationship with Barbra Streisand when he is hired to watch over a mall of shoppes she has built in a cellar on her Malibu compound.  Soon it begins to take a toll on his patience, his love life, and his view of people (who need people).

Starring J. Conrad Frank

By Jonathan Tolins

Directed by Rebecca Longworth

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The Pirates of Penzance (Adult version)
to Jun 19

The Pirates of Penzance (Adult version)

It’s A GAS! Theatre Troupe presents…
Off Center Stage

Thursday, June 9  & 16 @ 8pm
Friday, June 10 & 17 @ 8pm
Saturday, June 11 &  18 @ 8pm
Sunday, June 12 & 19 @ 2pm

Thursday June 9 Preview… all tickets $10

June 11  – Champagne Gala…. all tickets $20

June 17  – Dress Like A Pirate Night (if in Costume)….tickets $8

General Admission (all shows)…. $15

Students/Seniors (all shows) ….. $12

Gilbert & Sullivan’s classic operetta pokes fun at stuffy British society, politics, and buccaneering bravado while showcasing timeless musical numbers such as “Cat Like Tread” and “Poor Wandering One.” This is a special presentation featuring local theatre veterans as well as alumni of The Nevada County Performing Arts Guild (PAG), the areas award-winning childrens theater organization. The operetta is a benefit for PAG.
Soprano Sierra Dallugge is felicitously cast in the lead role of Mabel. Dallugge, an alumnus of PAG, was the 2011 recipient of the Laura June Breen Vocal Competition (InConcert Sierra) and was crowned 1st place winner in the People’s Choice category after she brought down the house during her final performance at Nevada County’s Top Talent (2010). Dallugge is a perennial audience favorite who first sang the role of Mabel, many years ago, when she was only 13 years old. Dallugge’s sweet soprano will bring shivers to the timbers of anyone listening, be they pirate or land lubber!
The Pirates of Penzance also features Kevin Freeman, as the dangerous and dashing Pirate King; Sloane Morton as Mabel’s prospective paramour, Frederick; and Adam Morton as the marvelously inept Sergeant. David Crouthamel makes his Nevada County stage debut as the (modern) Major General Stanley.
Thursday night’s opening performance is a special preview where all seats are attractively priced at $10. On Saturday, June 11, a Champagne Gala Performance will feature bubbly, appetizers, desserts, and a no-host bar — all for one admission price. There will also be a raffle, and silent auction items. All proceeds benefit Nevada County Performing Arts Guild.
Its a GAS will host a special “Dress Like A Pirate Night” the second Friday (June 17), where anyone who dons high seas attire gains admission for a piece of eight ($8).
Its A GAS! Theatre Troupe is a fundraising wing of PAG and features PAG staff, alumni and veterans among its crew of performers.

For more information, visit: Or call: 530-273-8324.

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Sarah Jarosz
8:00 PM20:00

Sarah Jarosz

The Center for the Arts presents
with Curtis McMurty opening
Wednesday, June 8, 2016,  8:00 PM
$22 member, $27 general public
(Ticket price includes $2 facility fee.  Does not include applicable fee for online purchases.)

“Jarosz’s voice, warm and elastic, rings out strong and clear.” The Boston Globe

“She…serves up starkly moving, deceptively simple love songs, which often are bound in intricate weavings of acoustic bluegrass guitars and countrified violins.” – LAWeekly

“I really like that word,” Sarah Jarosz says of the title of Undercurrent, her fourth Sugar Hill album. “If you look up the definition, it’s ‘an underlying feeling or influence’ or ‘a flow of water moving below the surface.’ To me, that really encompasses the feeling behind this record.”

That evocative imagery is appropriate for Undercurrent, whose 11 original songs seem to reveal new lyrical depth and sonic nuance with every listen. A gifted multi-instrumentalist, a singularly expressive vocalist and a songwriter of rare insight, Sarah Jarosz has been described by The New York Times as “one of acoustic music’s most promising young talents: a singer-songwriter and mandolin and banjo prodigy with the taste and poise to strike that rare balance of commercial and critical success.”

Although it’s her fourth album, Undercurrent is a milestone for Jarosz in more ways than one. It’s her first release since graduating with honors from the New England Conservatory of Music, and her first since relocating to New York City.

“This is the first record I’ve made since being out on my own and experiencing a lot of changes, and I think that that’s reflected in the songs,” Jarosz explains. “It’s also the first record I’ve ever made that feels to me like a complete thought, with a beginning, a middle and an ending. It’s also the first time I’ve made an album that doesn’t have any covers on it. I wanted it to feel like the rollercoaster ride that is life, so I put a lot of thought into sequencing the songs. It was important for me to start with light, and then go through darker times, and stubbornness and strength and weakness, and then end up on a hopeful note.”

Undercurrent is a sublimely resonant song cycle anchored around a haunting quartet of songs written and performed solo by the artist: “Early Morning Light,” “Everything To Hide,” “Take Another Turn” and “Jacqueline.” The album features several numbers co-written by Jarosz with a variety of collaborators who also contributed to the recordings, including Luke Reynolds (“Green Lights”), Jedd Hughes (“House Of Mercy”), Parker Millsap (“Comin’ Undone”) and Aoife O’Donovan (“Still Life”). The latter track features O’Donovan, of Crooked Still fame, as well as Nickel Creek co-founder Sara Watkins, Jarosz’s bandmates in their extracurricular trio I’m with Her. Undercurrent also includes two songs co-written with the Milk Carton Kids’ Joey Ryan, including the nostalgic “Back Of My Mind”.

“When I visualize this record, I think of the Central Park reservoir, where I spent a lot of time getting inspiration and thinking about the album,” Jarosz notes, adding, “It was the most focused I had ever been, in terms of trying to write every day and having a grander idea of what I really wanted to write, so I was able to enjoy the process of writing more than ever.

And it was a luxury to go to Nashville for two months to work on the record, because in the past I was always running back and forth between school, touring and the studio.”

While Undercurrent is a creative landmark for Jarosz, she’s been making music for most of her life. Growing up in Wimberley, Texas, she began singing in early childhood. Receiving a mandolin for Christmas when she was nine years old, she worked tirelessly to master the instrument, and learned to play guitar and clawhammer banjo along the way. When she was 11, she performed at her first bluegrass festival; over the next few years, she gained an impressive reputation as a young phenom on the festival circuit, absorbing a world of traditional influences while honing her own highly original songwriting sensibility.

“From an early age, I’ve had a strong desire to create music,” Jarosz states. “I was also fortunate to be surrounded by older, accomplished musicians who were my mentors. From the very beginning, all of my heroes looked out for me and challenged me in the best ways. It was great being raised in music that way. I always felt completely supported, and I think that that attitude affected the way I approach music now.”

In the summer of 2007, after performing at Colorado’s Telluride Bluegrass Festival, Sarah met Sugar Hill Records A&R rep Gary Paczosa, who was impressed enough to invite her to Nashville to record some of her compositions. The following year, the 16-year-old artist signed with Sugar Hill and began work on her 2009 debut album Song Up In Her Head. Sarah’s second album, Follow Me Down, arrived in 2011, and expanded the artist’s sound as well as her fan base, while her tireless touring efforts won her new fans from across the musical spectrum.

2013 saw the release of Jarosz’s third album, Build Me Up from Bones, which once again featured an expanded sonic and compositional palette. It also won Jarosz some of the most enthusiastic notices of her career, as well as Grammy nominations for Best Folk Album and Best American Roots Song. Jarosz toured to support Build Me Up From Bones for a good part of 2014, criss-crossing the US and making two trips to England, Scotland and Ireland. One of the highlights was her first appearance at the Cambridge Folk Festival.

Jarosz spent much of 2015 touring widely as one-third of I’m With Her, the mini-supergroup she shares with kindred spirits Sara Watkins and Aoife O’Donovan. “After singing my own songs for so many years, it was eye-opening to shift gears and be a part of something different,” Jarosz observes. “We’ve only been a band for a year, but I’ve learned so much from it already, and I definitely brought some of those lessons to Undercurrent.

“I’m just trying to become more focused and more honest, and trying to be a better listener and observer of the world around me,” she asserts. “That’s what I tried to do on Undercurrent, and I’m really pleased with how true this record feels to me. In some ways, it feels like my first record, in the sense that it was the first time I could focus all of my energy on it. Everything felt like it was leading to this moment.”

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Tony Machado – An Exhibition of Original Oil Paintings
to Jun 25

Tony Machado – An Exhibition of Original Oil Paintings

Main and Granucci Galleries

Tuesday June 7 – Saturday June 25th

Art Reception Friday June 10th 5:00-8:00

Tony Machado has been impressing art enthusiasts for over 40 years with his unique style of composition and figurative oil paintings.  Growing up in Oakland, California, Tony demonstrated early talent and received a scholarship to attend the Academy of Art in San Francisco from 1970 – 1973.  He painted many murals in the Mission District and around the Bay Area until 1978.  Tony ran his own sign painting business, worked in a foundry that produced statues for the 1984 Summer Olympics, and started “Heaven Smiles” silkscreen studios with Michael Rios that created many works including album covers for Carlos Santana.  Tony then returned to the medium of oil paint and spent eight years in Humboldt County painting and showing his original art.  In 2012 Tony relocated to Grass Valley, California, and continues to amaze with his many styles and talents with the brush.

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8:00 PM20:00


The Center for the Arts presents
with Fuze the MC opening
Saturday, June 4, 2016, 8:00 pm
$30 member, $34 general public
(Ticket price includes $2 facility fee.  Does not include applicable fee for online purchases.)

In a hip-hop career that has stretched past a decade, Blackalicious has earned respect the old-fashioned way–rising through honesty, commitment, and artistry. Blackalicious is an American hip hop duo from Sacramento, California made up of rapper Gift of Gab (born Tim Parker) and DJ/producer Chief Xcel (born Xavier Mosley). They are noted for Gift of Gab’s often “tongue-twisting”, multisyllabic, complex rhymes and Chief Xcel’s “classic” beats. Like a few other West Coast rap acts, including the Pharcyde and Jurassic 5, Blackalicious has generally favored what hip-hoppers call the “positive tip”; in other words, its lyrics have often been spiritual and uplifting rather than violent or misogynous. Like a lot of experimental alternative rappers, Blackalicious can be quirky and eccentric; nonetheless, spirituality is a big part of the group’s music. Although Blackalicious wasn’t formed until the early ’90s, its members had known each other since the late ’80s. Founding members Gift of Gab (Timothy Parker) and Chief Xcel (Xavier Mosley) first met in Sacramento, CA, in 1987 when they were students at John F. Kennedy High School. Neither of them was originally from Sacramento; DJ/producer Xcel (who was going by DJ IceSki at the time) was a native of the San Francisco Bay Area, while rapper Gift of Gab was from Los Angeles’ suburban San Fernando Valley. The two went their separate ways after Gift of Gab (also known as Gabby T) graduated from Kennedy High in 1989, but they were reunited in Davis, CA, in 1992.

By that time, Xcel had become a student at the University of California at Davis and the Gift of Gabhad moved to Davis to form Blackalicious with him. UC Davis was where Xcel had started working with a hip-hop crew named SoleSides, whose members included DJ Shadow, Lateef the Truth Speaker, and Lyrics Born. SoleSides Records was the name of the SoleSides Crew’s Northern California record company and in 1994, that label released Blackalicious’ debut single “Swan Lake.” Although not a triple-platinum smash, the single was a small underground hit that fared well among alternative rap audiences. The following year, SoleSides Records released a Blackalicious EP titled Melodica. By late 1997, SoleSides Records had transformed into Quannum Records, and in 1999, Quannum put out another Blackalicious EP, A2G. In 2000, Quannum released the group’s full-length debut Nia (whose title is the Swahili word for purpose). After being together eight years, Blackalicious finally signed with a major label when, in late 2000, the Californians were added by MCA. In April 2002, Quannum/MCA released Blazing Arrow, which boasted guest appearances ranging from vocalist Zack de la Rocha (of Rage Against the Machine) to the Roots’ ?uestlove to veteran soul singerGil Scott-Heron. After the requisite tour, both Xcel and Gab began developing solo material; Quannum released both Maroons’ Ambush (Chief Xcel with Latyrx’s Lateef the Truth Speaker) as well as a Gift of Gab solo LP, Fourth Dimensional Rocketships Going Up. The pair returned in 2005 for their third album, The Craft, with a contract in hand from the Anti- label.

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David Nelson Band
8:00 PM20:00

David Nelson Band

The Center for the Arts presents
Friday, June 3, 2016, 8:00pm
$32 member, $37 general admission
(Ticket price includes $2 facility fee.  Does not include applicable fee for online purchases.)

The David Nelson Band has been recording and performing around the country since 1994. Their broad musical palette spans the Almost Acoustic style that Nelson played with Jerry Garcia, through roots rock n’ roll and country-rock, to full blown psychedelic, jazz tinged space jams. The DNB perform David’s compositions (some co-written with Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter), select covers, and several Grateful Dead classics upon which Nelson appeared on the original album releases. These stylistic elements, combined with plenty of spontaneous free form improvisation, create a sound that is uniquely David Nelson Band. Though the original songs are mostly written by Nelson, the development of all the material is a fully collaborative effort.  The Nelson, Sless, Siegel, Sears, Molo Band as a name is a bit cumbersome – though in reality, that’s what they are.

These days the DNB only tour select areas a few times a year, as the individual band members are in high demand with other successful touring acts. Their loyal and enthusiastic fans relish these special times to reunite at Nelson family gatherings. DNB shows are a joyous reunion for all – a communal gathering where regulars and newcomers all feel part of an extended family. Each show, being unique and exploratory in nature, is a magical adventure for band and audience alike. It’s one of the reasons why many of the fans follow the band to every show, including their annual Hawaii Tour (which draws many mainland fans as well as islanders for the week to ten day island party).

David Nelson – guitar/ vocals – is a founding member of the New Riders of the Purple Sage and long time musical partner of Jerry Garcia’s dating back to 1962 in the pre-Grateful Dead bluegrass band, The Wildwood Boys. Nelson was also a member of the Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band and performed on three Grateful Dead albums – Aoxomoxoa, Workingman’s Dead & American Beauty – playing the character laden electric guitar solo on Box of Rain. Nelson has also performed as a member of Phil Lesh and Friends.

Barry Sless – lead guitar/ pedal steel – has been a frequent member of Phil Lesh and Friends lineups since 2004. He tours currently with Moonalice and has toured as a member of Kingfish, Cowboy Jazz, the Rowan Brothers, and Great American Taxi.

Mookie Siegel – keyboards/ accordion/ vocals – has toured with Bob Weir’s Ratdog, Phil Lesh and Friends, Kingfish and Donna Jean and the Tricksters.

Pete Sears – bass/ vocals – was the bassist and keyboard player for the original Jefferson Starship from 1974-1987, keyboardist for Hot Tuna from 1992 to 2001 and currently performs with Moonalice. Pete has played with Phil Lesh and Friends and appears on their 1999 release, Love Will See You Thru. Pete began his career in England in 1964 and has performed with many artists including Jerry Garcia, John Cipollina, and appears on Rod Stewart’s classic early British albums.

John Molo – drums – was part of almost every Phil Lesh and Friends lineup from 1999 – 2009. When the Grateful Dead reformed (after Jerry Garcia’s death) as the The Other Ones in 1998, John was a member. He has won a Grammy award for his work as a member of Bruce Hornsby and the Range, who he performed with from 1986 – 1999. He has also toured with Creedence Clearwater Revival founder John Fogerty and currently tours with Moonalice.

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Anderson’s Step It Up Student Showcase
6:00 PM18:00

Anderson’s Step It Up Student Showcase

Wednesday, June 1, 2016,  6:00pm
$15 @ the door
or call (209) 261-7818
or go to 554 Searls Ave, NC

A studio showcase of our amazing students from Nevada county. Our dancers have been traveling the nation competing in award winning competitive dance. Next, they have been invited to compete in the New Jersey World of Dance!
Hope you enjoy our show!

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8:00 PM20:00


Saturday, May 28,  8:00pm
Off Center Stage
$15 General Admission

Bombshell is a full-length story-based dance show including such styles as jazz, hip hop, lyrical and burlesque.
Two couples attend a party with friends when their whole world gets turned upside down by two girls named Natalie and Diana. The two girls play games with everyone around them and take enjoyment in doing so. They attempt to steal the boyfriends and soon the battle ensues… Who will the guys choose in the end?

Performers include Nick Katzman, Chris Marcum, Trieste Erickson, Louise Jewell, Jacquelyn Twardus, Catie Cleary, Lexis LaRue, Hillary Klausner, and more.

Post show dance party til 11:30 pm!

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Azure: A benefit concert for Yuba River Charter School’s Music program
7:30 PM19:30

Azure: A benefit concert for Yuba River Charter School’s Music program

Saturday, May 28, 7:30PM
$20 general admission, $15 student

Join us for an evening of original music as Azure launches her new album at the Center For The Arts in Grass Valley.  Azure is a local singer/songwriter who has appeared on KMVR and numerous events around town.  At just 14, Azure has already established herself as a prolific talent, with over 30 songs to her name.  

Azure’s music has a unique rhythm and style, and her lyrics have been described as beyond her years.  This family-friendly concert will feature two acts of music, including piano, guitar, and ukulele.

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